PPM Stabilizer Board

An extendable configurable stabilizer board for any RC plane.


This configuration needs a receiver with PPM output (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pulse-position_modulation).

Most receivers have this feature installed already. Boards like Ardupilot etc use this signal as input for their controller and mostly use an additional IC to generate this signal.

The components required:

  • CY8CKIT 049-42 Cortex M3 Evaluation board (https://www.watterott.com/de/CY8CKIT-049-42XX-Prototyping-Kit)
  • MPU6050 or MPU9050
  • I2C EEPROM ST24C32
  • 14x3 Pin Headers (or more)
  • (additionally a barometer is installed, but not required for stabi functions)

Below you can see the installed components on the board.

All over price for this controller with Stabi is at approx. 15€.

Pleas contact us for software if required.


  • Receiver PPM to Port 0.6
  • Servo for Channel 1 on Port 4.2 - MOTOR
  • Servo for Channel 2 on Port 4.3 (and or 0.0) - AILERON(s)
  • Servo for Channel 3 on Port 0.1 (and or 0.2) - ELEVATOR(s)
  • Servo for Channel 4 on Port 0.3 - RUDDER
  • Servo for Channel 5 on Port 0.4 (and or 0.5) - FREE
  • Servo for Channel 6 on Port 3.5 (and or 3.6 and or 3.7) - FREE

What happens in the controller is, he takes the data from the MPU6050 and redirects any angular rate back onto the servo.

Therefore it is essential that:

  • AILERON, ELEVATOR and RUDDER are on the required Pins (as above)
  • The orientation of the board inside you plane is as following (picture) USB Breakout points forward

This board is used in the FW-190 project.

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